Change. It’s always constant, so jump on board.

| July 14 2017

What a remarkable time – an occasionally overwhelming, always exciting time – to be a marketing professional. The very ground under us is shifting. Constantly. New digital channels evolve at a breakneck speed; the ability to mine insightful data improves almost daily. The media landscape has been jackhammered and completely rebuilt over the last 10-15 years – hell, even the last five years. And there’s more change ahead (the awesome potential of AI comes to mind).

How do we maintain simplicity in a world of growing complexity? How do we effectively navigate the global shift to more regionalized, more personalized marketing in this all-connected world? Which time-honored principles of marketing still make sense – and which ones should we leave in the dust?

A wild ride lies ahead – and at Idea Factory, we’re wholly on board and looking forward to every fast curve and new vista.

It’s been a year of big change for us as well. At Idea Factory, we launched a new site, refreshed our logo, expanded our partner network, landed some great new clients and recruited some amazing talent. Last July, we were stoked when Vanessa McBay joined our team as President & Director of Client Services. She brought two decades of experience and an enthusiasm for great work that has inspired and refocused our team. Her dedication to client service, improved project management, and collaboration has deepened our bench strength while meshing perfectly with our culture.

We’ve been quiet in the blog-o-sphere for a while, but this feels like just the right point to re-engage. We plan to share our thoughts on how the future might look and some stories of our adventures as we explore new ways of connecting and collaborating. We want to spark a conversation and, of course, have some fun along the way.


Ed Roche

Without Ed, there’d be no Idea Factory. He started the agency in 2000 with Kevin Casey and together they shaped the Idea Factory into what it is today. Ed’s passion motivates his team to find innovative ways to help clients connect with consumers every day. When he’s not answering emails, Ed enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, and flexing his poker face.