Performance Marketing Specialist

As an emerging digital marketer, you possess a genuine passion for comprehending client businesses, driving their growth through digital marketing strategies, enhancing campaign performance, and uncovering valuable marketing insights. In your role as Performance Marketing Specialist at Idea Factory, you provide comprehensive support for our digital campaigns. Your primary responsibilities include executing campaigns with precision, continuously optimizing performance, and delivering detailed reporting and insightful analysis.


  • A strong passion for digital marketing and delving deep into campaign data, metrics, and analytics. 
  • Experience building effective multi-channel paid marketing strategies, including PPC, social media, and other digital channels. 
  • Proficient in campaign and channel analysis and reporting, including Google Analytics experience. 
  • A keen eye for detail and ability to communicate in a clear and compelling manner. 
  • Open-minded, curious, and able to solve problems effectively.
  • Team player who is capable of collaborating across multiple teams.


  • Support the Digital Lead by setting up and managing search, display, video, social, and audio streaming campaigns.
  • Monitor performance and optimize campaigns based on Google/Meta platform recommendations.
  • Prepare digital performance reports regularly, incorporating campaign analysis and actionable recommendations.
  • Configure pixel setup for conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager. 
  • Make sure all campaigns are tracking properly against the budget. Maintain blocking charts and provide appropriate information to the Finance team.
  • Provide support as needed on client communication and project management as it relates to digital tactics such as social media, digital assets, and email marketing.
  • Stay on top of digital marketing developments and provide subject matter expertise to internal teams and clients. 

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